Vadham, Web Series, Cast, Mx Player, Release Date, Episode

Vadham, Web Series, Cast, Mx Player, Release Date, Episode and Explained by

Vadham is an Indian Hindi Language Web Series Directed by Venkatesh Babu. It is Thriller, Crime, Action, Drama, Web Series, Dubbed. The Web series is made under the banner of Mx Player. The web series from 2021.

Vadham Plot

The story of this web series revolves around the police and the thief Inspector Sakthi Pandiyan is determined to solve the murder of an influential businessman with an ‘all-woman’ task force. When she digs deeper into the case, the truth she uncovers tests her limits unimaginably. Will the killer be convicted? Watch episodes and videos of the Vadham web series in Hindi online on MX Player.

Vadham Cast



Semmalar Annam

Ashwathy Warrier

Vadham Episode

Episode 1 – In the first episode, Vignesh, an associate of Minister Anandan is killed. The police has to solve this case soon. This case has been assigned to young IPS officer Sakshi Pandian.

Episode 2 – In the Second episode, A police job is very difficult and although she is good at everything she does and even appreciates the department, she always has her father, her boyfriend and her friends as her support. And then there is a proud moment of achievement for Sakshi as her new team is introduced to the department,

Episode 3 – In the third episode, Sakshi starts investigating and finding the whole. She investigates everything from the victim’s history to her post-mortem report to the crime scene and beyond. Sakthi’s friend, Venky, is tasked to retrieve the missing footage from the crime scene’s CCTV.

To know more about the Vadham web series, see the web series available on Mx Player.

Vadham Release Date

9 Feb 2021

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