Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021

Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021 : vineeth universe and sridhan starring pranav mohanlal kalyani priyadarshan now on the surface this is a very simple movie it’s a series of scenes that shows a college age boy becoming a man that is turning towards fatherhood.
Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021
Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021

interval point but vinit lets the scene happen and then he goes on to a little bit about he leaves this girl alone and then he just shows the male protagonist and his other male friends running and chasing the train to give him one last gift before the train pulls out of the station.

and when you dig really deep that’s when you see the power of the writing now for example take this question what is the difference between college age love and love after you get married here is venusan’s answer now when in college you may be in love you may have a girlfriend.

Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021
Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021

but you’re also very hormonal so let’s say you’re alone and you meet someone else another girl uh if she asks if you are single you might be tempted to say yes and even though you don’t exactly want to you may end up lying to your girlfriend about this girl that you met you don’t want to tell your girlfriend.

Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021 : about that girl but when it’s your wife your conscience kicks in in a different way it’s not that the conscience didn’t kick in earlier but you were able to at least place your conscience a little aside and say shut up for a little while you know let me just handle this but when it comes to your wife the conscience is in full form.

inside you and the scene plays like an echo of the earlier scene where you are again going to meet a girl and again you’re saying something like you’re lying you’re saying i’m going to meet some friends but the minute you step outside the door your conscience says knock on the door go back inside Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021 and tell your wife where you’re actually going and that’s exactly what happens so hidden lies between these two stages of adulthood or youth.

whatever you want to call it which is the college age youth to the early fatherhood kind of stage and yes you could argue that are in their uh college-age youths who are faithful to their girlfriends and who would if somebody asked them if you’re single say no i’m sorry i have a girlfriend of course there are such people couldn’t you say that there are married men who lie to their wives of course there are such people.

but this is how vini sinivasana sees this world this is his unique universe and pranav mohanlal finally finds a role that you know one of those roles where you are so perfect for it Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021 that you seem born for it there are scenes where you see the apparent uh effortlessness that you saw in his father his famous father and vinishin hawson’s world i just talked about his world his world is unique in the sense.

that it’s not just about the characters that are unique but it’s also the place he romanticizes chennai the way anjali menon romanticized bengaluru in bangalore days he makes sambar sadham sound like the food of the gods he makes uh anbasim sound like the movies the gods would see vinit.

also romanticizes the process of growing up where apparently getting good advice and having good people around you to help can solve almost every life problem Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021 there are no bad people in chennai everybody is happy the underprivileged youths they gather together there is a sense of community in them they study together and because these underprivileged kids are so bright these tamil underprivileged.

Hridayam Malayalam Movie 2021 : kids they are able to help malalis like arun who have a lot of arrears to clear even the arc of a ruthless arun finding his passion and making it a profession happens by some kind of divine fate which almost happens through luck in the form of aju varghese.

i’m not saying this is a problem i’m just saying this is how vinnie sees his work he smooths everything over with the kind of feel-good flavor rhythm is the kind of movie for people who want to get lost in the image of lovers embracing at night at the beach and there’s a full moon.

on top and it’s casting its yellow shadow in the calm sea behind these people it is the kind of movie where a father asks permission to hug his son to embrace the sun and you find your eyes filled with tears true story the only time i had an issue with this approach this feel-good.

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