Geetha Govindam Cast, Movie, Torrent, Tamil, Hindi, South Movie

Geetha Govindam Cast, Movie, Torrent, Tamil, Hindi, Plot, Release Date and Explained by

Geetha Govindam is an Indian Telugu, Tamil and Hindi Language Dubbed Movie, Directed by Parasuram and Produced by Bunny Vasu. it is Comedy, Action, Drama Movie. The Movie is made under the banner of GA2 Pictures.

Geetha Govindam Plot

The story of this film revolves around Vijay and Geeta Ki. Vijay meets Geeta in a bus, she learns that Geeta is unmarried and immediately attracted to her. Before he talks to her, Vijay realizes that his sister’s engagement is fixed and he leaves for his hometown of Kakinada. Coincidentally, Geeta is also in the same bus, Geeta is sitting with them, Geeta falls asleep after a while, Vijay tries to take a selfie with her, then the bus stops the brakes Vijay falls while taking a selfie and makes a mistake. The lips of Vijay and Geeta are affixed. Geeta starts crying and slaps Vijay. torrent

Vijay keeps apologizing and tries to convince Geeta. But still, she does not listen to him and calls her brother to tell him about the incident. Geetha’s brother Phanindra, after learning about the mistreatment done to Geeta, prepares with his goon at Kakinada station to kill the boy in front of the temple. Phanindra is also accompanied by police officer Ravi. Vijay walks out and quarrels with Geeta and jumps off the bus.

When he comes home, he is shocked to learn that his sister Sirisha is engaged to Geeta’s brother Phanindra. However, at the time of the ceremony, Geeta does not tell anyone about Vijay. Vijay is just a boy. Vijay and Geeta are then stationed in Hyderabad to invite wedding guests. Throughout his time, Vijay apologizes to Geeta for his behavior, but Geeta does not accept his apology.

Meanwhile, Vijay works as a teacher, where a girl is attracted to Vijay. When Vijay refuses his girl, she sends him a video to seduce him. The message is sent when Geeta is in the car with Vijay and she watches the video. Geeta accuses Vijay of being wrong and even when Vijay tries to defend himself, he does not believe in her, and believes that Vijay’s family too can be messy. This argument tells Vijay to get Geeta to get out of the car and go to her hostel on her own. However, he later goes to check if she has arrived safely at her hostel. Going forward, you watch the movie to tell the story. The movie is available on YouTube. Geetha Govindam

Geetha Govindam Cast

Vijay Deverakonda as Vijay Govind

Geetha Govindam Cast, Movie, Torrent, Tamil, Hindi, Plot, Release Date and Explained by

Rashmika Mandanna as Geetha

Geetha Govindam Cast, Movie, Torrent, Tamil, Hindi, Plot, Release Date and Explained by

Surebaraju, Phanindra, as Geeta’s brother
Morni as Govinda’s sister, Sirisha
Rahul Ramakrishna as Ramakrishna, friend of Govind
Vanela Kishore as Kishore, bride of Geeta
Naga Babu as Govind’s father
Annapurna as Geeta’s grandmother
Babu falls as Geeta’s grandfather
Kalyani Natarajan as Neelu’s mother and Geeta’s MD
Anisha Dama as Neelu
Abhay Bethiganti as Govind’s friend
Ravi Prakash, Ravi, as a police officer
Chitram Seenu as a taxi driver
Gautam Raju as a police officer
Duvasi Mohan as a priest

Geetha Govindam Release Date

15 August 2018

Edited byMarthand K. Venkatesh
Production companyGA2 Pictures
Distributed byGeetha Arts
Release date15 August 2018
Running time142 minutes
Budget₹5 crore
Box officeest. ₹130 Crore

Movie Available on Youtube

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